Visualizing a Southern Republican Home

Restored Photograph

To practice restoring a historical image I used a stereograph from the New York Public Library, entitled, A Plantation Scene in South Carolina. Below you will see both the original and my restored image.

Original Sterograph: “A Plantation Scene in South Carolina.” NYPL Digital Collections. Accessed April 1, 2016.

This is the restored image. On this image I created a new layer, used the paint brush and darkened the left side of the image, then used Gaussian blur. I also used the color balance and curves tools to help balance the color tones. I used the dodge tool to lighten the figures in the foreground. I then cut the right side from the image and placed it on the left to recreate the 3-D effect of a stereograph.

A Matted Engraving (Cropped and Resized)

This is a print of the painting, View of Mulberry, House and Street, ca. 1800, by Thomas Coram (American, 1756-1811); oil on paper. Gibbes Museum of Art/Carolina Art Association; 1968.18.01.

This is my cropped, resized and matted version of the print.

Hand-Colored Photograph

This is my hand-colored photograph of Prestwould Plantation, the home of the Skipwith family. The original photograph was taken in 1936 as part of the Carnegie Survey of the Architecture of the South. I changed the mode of this black and white photograph to RGB and then adjusted the tone by using the curve tool.  Due to the original angle of the photograph, I also had to reorient the image using the "image rotation" and "distort" tools.  Finally, referring to more recent color photographs, I hand-colored the image.

Johnston, Frances Benjamin. “Prestwould, Clarksville Vic., Mecklenburg County, Virginia.” Photo, print, drawing. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA. Accessed March 25, 2016.

A Vignetted Portrait

With this photograph of Sarah Skipwith Sinclair's painting, I healed sections using Photoshop's spot-healing brush tool and then created a vignette of the photography by following the directions on the Photoshop Vignette Tutorial website.

Photographic print, Painting of Sarah Skipwith Sinclair, Object Number, 2006.100.29, Virginia Historical Society. Accessed March 25, 2016.

I created a simple header image by cropping a section from the Prestwould Plantation architectual drawings, changing the color blend, and then pixalated the image using the Mezzotint tool.

I also tried playing with the image's dimensions and then applied the "emboss" stylize tool from the filter.

Finally, I changed the color balance.