Creating History in New Media Portfolio

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image of Lady Skipwith
Image of Lady Skipwith

This portfolio has been created to showcase concepts and lesson learned in History 697, Creating History in New Media, a course required as part of the PhD program at George Mason University. The emphasis of this class is on the design necessary to create an effective History website. The course includes for main assignments:

  • Type Assignment
  • Image Assignment
  • Design Assignment
  • Final Project

About the Project

“So you must positively come over, if it is for no other reason but to let lady Skipwith see you”

My final project originally was focusing on examining women’s roles in the Early Republic, but as I continued to learn new digital skills I wanted to create a website that utilized images to tell a story. In the Summer of 2014 I particpated in a National Humanities Summer Seminar at George Mason University that focused on new interpretations of the American West. While working on research at the National Archives for that seminar, I came across a notebook full of photographs that documented the Spanish Influenza epidemic in the United States from 1918-1919. Knowing that someday I would want to create a teaching ativity built around the photographs, I obtained digital copies of the images. The Final Project allowed me to create a teaching website on the Spanish Influenza utilizing these images.