Another Day, Another Page on my Website

I feel like every week I say, “This has been a challenging week,” but this week may have presented more frustrations and victories than all the rest! My first problem was the angle of my photograph, which made the house in the image appear off kilter. Dr. Petrik walked me through the steps to correct this, but we cropped too soon and I lost too much of the original photograph. I also was having trouble with the magnetic lasso tool until I realized that you needed to click and draw, not just draw!

When I arrived home after class, I immediately fired up Photoshop and took another stab at reorienting my image. This time I had success! I then began colorizing the image and before I knew it I only had a few elements left to colorize, but it was not 1:30 at night. I decided to sleep rather than finish the image. The next day I completed my colorizing and was feeling quite accomplished.

I now had all my images complete and I only had to design my “Image Page.” While doing this I realized that several of my images had been saved with large pixel coordinates, causing my images to escape beyond the boundaries of my page. I headed back to Photoshop to re-save my images at a proper size for a webpage. Four hours later I had my page built and my new pages uploaded to my server. I made additional changes over the weekend, but here is the current version: Visualizing a Southern Republican Home. I’m sure after class on Monday I’ll have a few more changes to make!

I also found the readings on accessibility to be very helpful, especially the 10 tips. I ran my webpage through the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool only to discover that my webpage was missing the important language designation (<html lang=”en”>). I’ve now added it to all my pages. I still need to go back and add alternative text to all my images. It appears that web design is never done!

I commented on Josh’s and Tamara’s blog post.  Awesome work by both! :)

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