Creating a “Type” Page

This week has been challenging as I worked to create my “Type” page. I was able to get far on my own, but on Friday several of us worked together to figure out the various issues we had been struggling with on our own.   Pearl, Josh, and I traded ideas and websites to complete our pages. I’m looking forward to feedback in class this week to see how close I’ve come to creating an attractive and effective website. Click on this link to view my “Type” page.

I commented on Danielle’s, and Josh.

2 thoughts on “Creating a “Type” Page”

  1. Your page looks good. I like the way you did your footnotes so that the hovering text gives an explanation of the function “return to footnote 1 in text.” I spent way to much time worrying about spacing issues this week. It is hard to determine what looks good. Sometimes it is helpful to get feedback from others (thinking of you art history students).

  2. Your page is great! I agree with Josh, I like how your footnotes read and work. I also like the double column structure – it reads slightly more like a newspaper. The background also helps with the newspaper feel, making the contrast not as jarring as black and white.

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