So many images!

This week I continued working on the images for my Image Page. Several of us met at the library to work together as we restored our photos.  I took the image of the South Carolina slave quarters and continued to refine my restoration by using the healing brush. The image was looking good, but the figures in the yard were hard to see or bring into focus.   Since we had been playing with the burn and dodge tool, I decided to lighten up those figures by applying the dodge tool to the figures in the foreground. Once I felt I had cleaned up most of the image, I then turned my attention to cutting my stereograph in half and layering one half on the other in an effort to replicate a 3-D image. I was planning on using the same method we used in class to cut out the cat, but I was having trouble completing the steps. Lacy came to the rescue by pointing out a few my settings were wrong in photoshop and reminding me to make a copy after I loaded a selection.   But even as I successfully layered the images, I wasn’t satisfied with what I was producing so I sent off a quick email to Dr. Petrik to double check I was on the right track.   Once she explained I should set my layers off by just a pixel I really began to see results. Here is my final project.

slave quarters in SC cb curves with rt layer on top

I then turned my attention to creating a vignette. Using the image of Sara Skipwith Sinclair, a member of the Skipwith family (the focus of my project), I used the instructions I found on the Photoshop Essentials webpage. In just a few quick steps I had created this vignette!


I have not yet completed a colorized image. I’m a bit intimidated by this process, so I thought I’d wait until we played with colorizing in class on Monday. I have watched a good portion of, but I’m still a little wary of all his files! One thing I do know is that I will use a far less detailed image than John Derry’s photograph of Teddy Roosevelt!

I commented on Pearl’s blog!


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  1. It looks like you really picked up the photo restoration piece of the project. I thought the practicum from last week was really helpful. As you mentioned in your post, the dodge tool and the layering parts were particularly helpful. I ended up going back to my damaged photo and doing some additional touch ups as well. I also liked how you did the vignetted photo. That came out really nicely.

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