Typology and My Portfolio Page

This week I worked long and hard on my website. I watched the video, I conferred with coding websites, I wrote and rewrote code and yet I could not get my columns to do what I wanted. Eventually I realized the problem was the on my CSS sheet. You need to tell those pesky items where to go on the page. It was a revelation. The other thing I realized is that there is more than one way to place items so they appear to be in columns. I have not yet learned which is better, but I’m wondering if that will become more apparent when we make our sites compatible with mobile devices. Reading over the options when creating a page for mobile devices already has me thinking of what that might do to my simple, tidy page.

The other element that has caused me to go back and revise my site is typology! I worked on the site first and then read the articles, which this week, may have been a mistake. As I read about the magic of Georgia or Baskerville in Errol Morris’s article, I wondered if this could really be true. Are we really sublimely affected by the font we choose? It’s a terrifying thought that a font can make a professor decide to give a student a better grade! Although I am contemplating writing all my papers (dissertation?) in Georgia from here on out. When I read the chapters on type in Robin Williams, Non-Designers Design Book, I realized I really needed to revisit the type I had chosen on my website. Had I created a conflicted page? Had I used enough contrasts or the correct contrasts to create an effective page? So back to my website I went and I changed font, adjusted widths, and worked on colors. I think it’s a better page design now, but I’m still mulling over the type I’ve chosen and whether I should change it yet again.

The only problem I still have that I haven’t successfully solved is my FTP connection. Reclaim Client Portal says they have no record of client with my email, so I can’t log in or find the username/password I need. I found the email they sent me originally to sign in, but that is currently not working. So I’ve sent an email off to Reclaim Support and hopefully will have an answer soon!

Finally, I also found Alan Jacobs article on The Technology of a better Footnote very interesting. I agreed with his contentions that many of the current forms of footing noting in electronic books and articles can be distracting. I loved the Instapaper solution and wonder if there is a simple code work-around to create this in our own work. I actually thought that Instapaper was an interesting app and signed up for it as well. Considering the many articles we read online, it’s a great app to gather all those online sources in one place and make those great notes on the articles.

** Update on my Reclaim issues — I evidently linked the site not to my GMU or NVCC email, but to my own personal email account!  Too many email accounts to keep up with!!!  I must also give a shout out to the Reclaim folks.  They answered my email and solved all my issues within 5 minutes!  Reclaim Hosting is awesome.

I commented on Danielle’s Blog.

*** I was inspired by and commented on Jenna!  Here is a link to my Portfolio Page.

2 thoughts on “Typology and My Portfolio Page”

  1. Alicia we really should have texted this weekend to share ftp stories – it took me forever to get mine to connect! But I agree that the type articles made me reconsider my font choices as well (I actually seriously considered Baskerville, but decided it wasn’t in keeping with the ‘feel’ of the page.) I have a feeling my font choices are more conflicted than I would like them to be – but I have a feeling type and footnotes will be the focus of discussions tonight?

  2. I was also struggling with my typography! After reading about the wonders of Georgia and Baskerville, I decided to give Georgia a go on my portfolio home page and enjoyed it! I had to increase the font size quite a bit, but I think that font works really well as far as being legible goes!

    I also had some Reclaim adventures which I decided to leave out of my blog post. I talked to three different people through chat on Friday until we were all finally on the same page haha (my ftp information disappeared from my Client Portal, but they said it should not have shown to begin with, what?!) As a piece of advice, do not include underscores if you change your cPanel password (it breaks Reclaim). :]

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